I was among a group of students plucked from my middle school art class to learn how to use the darkroom, newly set up. While continuing to draw and create other visual art, photography became my passion.

PDF of articleA photo of a strand of seaweed taken by Aaron Siskind led me to the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Though he and Harry Callahan were only teaching graduate students, Aaron did review my work. It was interesting to hear him describe his work as “heavy” and mine as “light-hearted.”

Since RISD, I’ve worked as a graphic designer and author-illustrator in New York, Tel Aviv, Portland (Maine), and the Boston area, always photographing.

Now that cars don’t scratch and dent as in the past, my work has changed. What remains is the search for color, light, balance, and movement in all that surrounds me.

Check out my article and photo essay, “Beyond the Surface,” in Reflections: The SoL Journal.